Conte is predominantly an abstract expressionist painter who has been practicing for 8 years. Raised in the western suburbs with an Italian background and based in Geelong. Oil paint is her preferred medium but she also loves to explore mixed media, drawing, writing, photography, digital and more. Conte fell in love with painting while studying an Advanced Diploma at RMIT and after studying realised it was something she wanted to properly pursue. Life and travelling has also greatly impacted Contes' work helping it to evolve in ways she never imagined.

She finds painting intriguing because of its movement, expansion, depth and vibrancy.

 Conte often uses brushes, palette knives and her hands to make. She finds this use of materials very soothing and natural. She has made art since she was a child and would often get lost in her work for hours on end. Conte has realised that art helps her hone in on her emotions, enabling her to explain and express herself in ways she can't in reality. Art understands her more than anyone and anything.

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land. I acknowledge the harm, hardships and trauma that was suffered and are still evidently felt today. I am living, working and creating in Wadawurrung country. I respect the elders past, present and future. Djillong is a beautiful place that holds many memories, traditions and culture for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Photography by Leiko Manalang.

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